Now that the CW has announced their full fall schedule, we're learning more about Arrow, the new series that may do for Green Arrow what Smallville did for Superman - although, it has to be hoped, a little better and without so much pouting. Fancy a new image and a clip from the pilot showing our hero in action? Aim your arrows at the "More" button.As the officially-released teaser demonstrates, this incarnation of Green Arrow -- Sorry, "Arrow" -- looks set to be a little more serious than the one that appeared on Smallville, and a little bit more intense about punishing tennis balls that dare to try to bounce away from him:

No wonder he works out in an unused warehouse; you can't just shoot arrows into the walls of your local 24 Hour Fitness without getting into expensive trouble. I mean, so I've heard.

The show will air on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. this fall, paired with the long-running Supernatural; we have between now and then to work out just why superhero archers are suddenly becoming so popular in the mainstream. It's because shooting arrows is cheaper than CGI Hulks, isn't it? I can understand that.