To put it lightly, the colors of the cosmos have been out of balance of late, but this month's "Green Lantern" #50 shows signs that even the fringes of the emotional spectrum can unite when the stakes of life and death are high enough.

DC's The Source has two pages from the upcoming issue (which I've spliced together here) that depict the leaders and various newcomers to the corps fighting as one care of artist Doug Mahnke.

The issue is being billed as a bridge between last week's "Blackest Night" #6 and the upcoming #7, showing the latest lantern corps recruits taking on their new roles with various amounts of success as they prepare to battle the Black Lantern Spectre.

I'm a pretty big fan of seeing Black Lanterns' heads explode at the hands of heroes, so this illustration has my blessing already. Still, it'll be nice to see it in full color (I confess that I still haven't memorized each of the color corps' symbols) when the issue drops on January 27.

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