More good news on "Green Lantern: The Animated Series." Following the New York Comic Con debut of the first extremely cool image from the forthcoming Cartoon Network series, producers Bruce Timm, Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg laid down some fairly substantial information to i09 concerning character lineups and story details, including this most important quote: "Kilowog is in practically every episode."

The show takes place on the edge of Guardian space and the show starts off with Green Lantern getting killed off on this edge. So Hal borrows a prototypical, faster-than-light ship and he and Kilowog go to investigate. They quickly discover that there are the previously unknown Red Lanterns systematically killing off the Green Lanterns.

Vicious murder and ultra-violence in deep space. That sounds about right, doesn't it, Green Lantern fans? Additionally (and so, so thankfully), Timm claims that the series will take place almost entirely in space and feature a version of Hal Jordan who is already an experienced space cop, as opposed to the rookie/poozer version we've already seen in the direct-to-DVD feature "Green Lantern: First Flight" and will see in the live action film starring Ryan Reynolds.

No word so far on whether this series takes place in the previously established and so-called DC Animated Universe ("Batman: The Animated Series" through "Justice League Unlimited"), but Timm told i09 not to expect Batman and Robin visiting Oa anytime soon. But unlike previous DC Comics-based cartoons, "Green Lantern" will be a CGI endeavor.

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series" launches in 2011 on Cartoon Network.

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