Everyone loves trivia about their favorite animated features and series, but with over 100 years of animation history behind us right now, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite names in cartoons in this continuing video series. You think you know cartoons? Well, here’s a few things you might not know!

This week we're taking a look at the WB's cult classic goofball superhero, Freakazoid! Freakazoid was originally created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini to be a lighthearted but otherwise fairly straightforward superhero adventure show. However, executive producer Steven Spielberg wanted a zanier comedy, more in the style of his other shows, Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures. Guess who won. Anyway, only '90s kids will remember this 24-episode series, whose history is recounted in this video, including behind-the-scenes facts, famous guest stars and voice actors, and the controversy behind its creation.

Show notes:

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