Everyone loves trivia about their favorite animated features and series, but with over 100 years of animation history behind us right now, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite names in cartoons in this continuing video series. You think you know cartoons? Well, here’s a few things you might not know!

This week we're focusing our Care Bear stare on those cuddly denizens of Care-a-lot, the Care Bears! Debuting in the early 1980s as characters for greeting cards and plush toys, the Care Bears soon made their way first to televised specials, then a regular series, then a number of theatrical films. The franchise has been rebooted a few times since its 1980s heyday, with each iteration featuring new films, specials, or series. This video takes a look at the history of the franchise from its conception and development through its various relaunches to its various comics adaptations.

Show notes:

  • You can get the original DiC series on DVD here.
  • You can get most of the Nelvana series, aka Care Bear Family, on DVD here.
  • The original Care Bears Movie is available hereCare Bears II is here.
  • You can buy episodes of Adventures in Care-a-lot on Amazon Video here.
  • The Welcome to Care-a-lot movie A Belly Badge for Wonderheart is available here.
  • You can buy Care Bears and Cousins episodes on DVDs here.

Check out some installments of our other video series below, and let us know which cartoon series you think we should cover next in You Think You Know Cartoons?


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