It's apparently official: DC Comics' newest Green Lantern, known as Baz, will be an Arab-American. The confirmation of both rumors came via a Detroit Free Press report about Green Lantern writer (and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer) Geoff Johns' planned visit to Detroit's Arab American National Museum to promote the character's debut in next month's Green Lantern #0.According to the report, Johns will be the star attraction at two separate events -- an invite-only workshop for local youth, and a public presentation about the Lebanese-American creator's career -- at the Museum on September 8, three days after the release of the issue. On the day of release, September 5, Johns will be making an appearance in Detroit's Green Brain comic store from 5 to 7 p.m. to sign copies of the issue.

Baz' first appearance came in DC's 2012 Free Comic Book Day issue, with the character's name being revealed in retailer-only solicitations for #13, while absent in the public solicitations for the same issue.

The new Green Lantern is likely to receive media attention for DC Comics, continuing the Green Lantern connection for the publisher's attempts at press-friendly social relevance. Earlier this year, DC received a lot of attention when Earth-2's GL, Alan Scott, was revealed to be gay. Considering that the Green Lantern Corps unites a diverse population of lifeforms to police the wider cosmos, it's logical to see some of that diversity reflected among Earth's GLs, which include Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner and now, Baz. Maybe the next GL to join the group will be the first female GL of Earth?

[Via Newsarama]

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