If there is one living musician I would give anything to see in concert, it might just be Bill Withers. Sadly, he rarely performs, but this video may be the next best thing. Created by Reagan Hawkins (and brought to our attention by the Manhunter of Mars tumblr), the video features the DC Universe 6" Classics figures of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl out on a stroll, enjoying each other's company, until Hawkgirl's eye wanders over to a passing Martian Manhunter. Suddenly, the rest of the Justice League is consoling a jealous John, as he learns the meaning of heartbreak and betrayal, while Bill Withers' iconic "Who Is He? (And What Is He To You)?" plays in the background. The whole thing is better than I could ever describe, so I recommend you just check out the video below.


From this point forward, I will never be able to watch the Justice League cartoon without being deeply suspicious of J'onn J'onzz. So who is he, Hawkgirl? Answer the question, Hawkgirl!

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