Hal Jordan's friends and foes have been getting their share of merchandise on the ramp up to Green Lantern's June 17 movie premiere, but Wizkids and Neca's upcoming Heroclix line packs the most substantial batch of characters from the film we've seen so far with a plastic serving 10 characters strong. Coming in May, collectors will be able to pick up mainstays like Green Lantern, Kilowog, Sinestro and Tomar Re, plus previously-unseen movie lanterns R'Amey Holl, Boodikka and Salaak.Until recently, fans have had just a few basic insights into the character designs of many of the GL Corps most prominent male heroes, but this HeroClix set finally gives fans a look at some of the film's potential female lanterns.

It's premature to know whether or not Boodikka, the butterflytacular R'Amey Holl or any of the other corps members will have anything resembling a speaking role in the final cut of the Green Lantern film -- or if their CGI looks will evolve beyond pre-film release designs -- but it's definitely nice to see a few new faces in HeroClix form.

See the full HeroClix images below:

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