Mattel's been putting their Green Lantern movie toy pedal to the metal of late unveiling one wave of miniature emerald warriors and accessories after another. The companies' visit to WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco this past weekend was no exception, with loads of GLs on display, plus an early look at a plastic Hector Hammond and the honkin' roleplay construct toys big kids can look forward to whomping one another with in the months to come! Mattel had a pretty wide spread of upcoming GL toys on hand at WC, including their 4"ish basic figures (and Target's light up versions), the more collector-aimed 6" Movie Masters line, minis, 10" figures and our previously referenced roleplaying lantern gear (seriously, there's a buzzsaw, a fist, an energy burst and some kind of grappling hook that looks like it could take both of your eyes out). All told, producers of translucent green plastic are probably lighting Cuban cigars with hundos on private islands right now. Anybody know those dudes' NYSE symbols? Baby wants a new pair of clear green plastic shoes... y'know, so to speak.

See the Green Lantern movie toy goodness below: