Who would win in a fight, Wade Wilson or Hal Jordan? Although we may never see the two battle it out mano a mano, it seems that two Hollywood film studios could be going to war over the presence of Ryan Reynolds.

Having already filmed his starring role in "Green Lantern" for Warner Bros. and currently attached to reprise his role as the Merc with a Mouth for 20th Century Fox's "Deadpool" spinoff, rumors are circulating that Reynolds may end up parting ways with the Marvel property. Earlier this week, "Green Lantern" screenwriter Michael Goldenberg was hired to pen the screenplay for "Green Lantern 2," a sequel that's already in development almost a year before the first film hits theaters. Obsessed With Film takes this as a sign that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment plan to pursue "Green Lantern" as a trilogy, with one film landing in theaters every year for the next three years. The site speculates that the WB could buy out Reynolds' contract with Fox not just because back-to-back filming on a rumored trilogy is likely, but also because it doesn't make sense for one of their flagship franchise stars to be prancing around in the decidedly more violent Deadpool's red tights.Understandably, the rumors have some spectators nervous, with "Deadpool" co-creator Rob Liefeld already announcing on Twitter: "Bottom line about Deadpool film is that if FOX doesn't pull the DP film together with Ryan Reynolds between GL films-they should Hari Kari" and "Ryan Reynolds is the new Will Smith, if FOX can't maximize this window of opportunity with this star, this character, that script=MASSIV FAIL."

It's hard to disagree with the guy, really - Reynolds as Deadpool is a pretty ideal scenario for Fox and for fans. But for now, the possible death of Reynolds as Deadpool is just a rumor - and while it's certainly a bit more heated with a few extra warning signs to boot, this rumor is really no different than what many of us initially considered when Reynolds was announced as Hal in the first place. In other words, let's take a breath and relax. Maybe Reynolds will get to play Deadpool again and maybe he won't? For now, let's try and enjoy the "Green Lantern" ride and see where that takes us.

And, hey, the fact that people are worrying that an actor of Reynolds' caliber might end up starring in one instead of two comic book franchises is a pretty high class problem given where comic book cinema was a decade ago.