FOX 'X-Men' TV Series Casts Amy Acker, More Mutants
We’re not even going to harp on a missing title for FOX’s Bryan Singer-directed X-Men drama, thanks to the latest addition. Multiple Whedon-verse alum Amy Acker has been set as the series’ second major lead, along with several new castings that include recognizable mutants.
'Gotham' Introducing Ra's al Ghul With Alexander Siddig
If ever any Batman villain made sense for Gotham to introduce during Bruce’s childhood, it’d be Ra’s al Ghul. So it is, that the FOX prequel drama will follow Arrow in introducing the League of Shadows’ head, this time played by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Game of Thrones alum Alexander Siddig.
FOX 'X-Men' TV Series Casts Sean Teale as New Mutant
We still don’t even have a title for FOX’s Bryan Singer-directed X-Men drama, much less a sense of how many familiar X-faces will populate it. Now, after adding True Blood alum Stephen Moyer in a leading role, the X-drama creates another original mutant with Incorporated star Sean Teale.
FOX 'X-Men' TV Series Casts Stephen Moyer to Lead
We’ve long wondered what, if any connection FOX’s Bryan Singer-directed X-Men drama might have to the movie franchise, though the latest dips a bit outside its reality. True Blood alum Stephen Moyer (as well as Rogue one Anna Paquin’s husband) will topline the mutant drama, albeit in a brand-new role.
FOX 'Black Lightning' TV Series Likely Moving to The CW
Regardless of network, any DC drama populating the airwaves will inevitably draw questions of a move or crossover with The CW multiverse. Case in point, FOX’s Black Lightning previously sought to keep separate from the other series, but now may end up on The CW regardless, and with a pilot order at that.
'Gotham' Debuts Riddler Costume in April Return Trailer
If Gotham’s Joker-heavy “Gentle Art of Making Enemies” serves as any kind of reminder, it’s that the FOX drama will often rise as close as it can to costumed Batman villains without taking the plunge. That said, one of its most enduring creations may finally suit up, as Cory Michael Smith’s Edward Nygma appears to become a costumed Riddler in the April return trailer.

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