No matter how funny Image Comics' initial spoof of Marvel's "I am an Avenger" ad campaign might have been, fans understood that the there was no chance its lineup of Rick Grimes, President Barack Obama, Spawn, Invincible and a certain boy wizard would actually be teaming up in the pages of "Guardians of the Globe."...Right?

A new teaser illustration (is that you Chris Giarrusso?) from Image has thrown fans into a flux. Could Benito Cereno and Ransom Getty's upcoming "Guardians of the Globe" miniseries actually boast some form of Kirkman's teased hype team? Newsarama seems to think the image could point to some kind of backup story within GotG, although nobody knows for sure. Perhaps a Webcomic? A one-shot? Inquiring minds want to know!

I'm a big enough Giarrusso fan to want this team to have its own ongoing, but anything is welcome. Do the right thing, Image.

[Via Newsarama]

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