While Joe Johnston was busy polishing up Steve Rogers for movie audiences in Captain America: The First Avenger, a French artist named Guillaume Singelin was inking some very different looks for the wing-headed patriot. Singelin's Cap looks a little bit like Judge Dredd and a tad like vintage Frank Miller.
The tone and imagery in Singelin's sketches on his Junk Gallery site show off some gritty, extremely Sin City-ish editions of Wolverine, Red Skull and Spider-Man. They're probably too dark for anything Marvel has planned in the near future, but you can do a lot worse as far as fan art goes.

From an emotional D-Day charge to Cap getting rough one-on-one with a Nazi soldier, there's a wide assortment of action shots and poses to be found in his past posts. If this round of Marvel movies achieves enough success to warrant a series of R-rated steampunk/noir spinoffs, they may want to call this guy up to do some designs and storyboards.

[Via Geek-Art]

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