You may have noticed that we've been offering up quite a bit of Gundam love here at Comics Alliance over the last several months, from the life-sized Gundam statue in Japan to a different Gundam statue constructed entirely out of recycled model kit runners. If you're sick of the Gundam enthusiasm, well, it's not our fault that people keep pumping out awesome new ways to celebrate the anime franchise.

For instance, Chop Shop has created a terrific "Gundam Calling" art print that riffs on the classic "London Calling" album cover from The Clash. It's a tremendously cool print that any Gundam fan should enjoy. But it does make one wonder: are we at that special moment in history that future generations will look back upon and say, "Those foolish bastards. Little did they know how close they were to the Gundam uprising."

Not trying to get all paranoid or anything, but if these giant-sized robot models weren't enough, now the Gundam property is hijacking classic pop culture references. There has to be something bubbling underneath the surface - a revolution is on the rise. The shirt's called "Gundam Calling" for a reason, you know!Source: Boing Boing