Unlike the very real Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics currently underway in Russia, "The Cosplayer Olympics" (Cosplaympics?) are a complete fabrication created entirely to service the awesomeness that is Twitter user @funyafunya0320, who recently posted images of someone snowboarding while wearing a Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78-2 costume. 10 OUT OF 10! GOLD MEDAL!

Mobile Suit Gundam Snowboarder

This costumed snowarrior is truly a Newtype when it comes to shredding the pow' mecha-style. Whoever the unidentified snowboard is may not win a gold like American slopestyle champions Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson just did, but they've got something just as great -- a Gundamium medal -- in my book. Have you ever seen another cosplayer incorporate bindings into their outfit? I just wish there were video.

Bravo, funyafunya0320, for getting this on camera.

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