We've all seen Batman fight the Joker endless times throughout the history of their relationship. From the original comics to the animated series, and from the movies to video games, there's no shortage of interpretations of the ultimate fight between good and evil that is Batman vs. the Joker. Whatever your opinion of those various encounters in the past, all of those fights are hot garbage compared to the latest video from YouTube stop motion animator, Counter656.

Spotted by Kotaku, Counter656's most recent video pits the SH Figuarts Injustice: Gods Among Us Joker and Batman against one another in a stop motion throwdown for the ages. Taking nearly three weeks and 3500 different pictures, the five minute video incorporates every accessory the figures come with, as well as putting the articulation of each to great use in some excellently choreographed fight sequences. But Counter656 knows that we've all seen Batman vs. the Joker before, too, and isn't content to just let this brawl be another simple one-on-one encounter.

Sensing defeat is imminent, Joker summons a few Gundam Zaku to his aid, putting Batman on the defensive. The three mechs unleash a full barrage on Batman, pinning him down behind various boxes of familiar Figma figures. All looks lost when the Joker sights Batman with a rocket launcher, but the unlikeliest of allies drops in from out of nowhere. Yes, Captain America comes to Batman's side just in the nick of time, deflecting the rockets and bullets with his iconic shield the way we've seen him do it so many times before. You know, just in action figure form this time.

This new dynamic duo manages to turn the tide, but the Joker has more than a few Gundams up his sleeves. You'll have to watch for yourself to see how the entire episode plays out, but you should be watching it anyway to see some amazing stop motion talent on display. There's a lot of work going into video content like this, and certainly a lot of patience as well. Counter656 has a lot of other great stop motion videos featuring characters from Dragon Ball Z, Legend of Zelda and Mega Man, too, with each seemingly outdoing the last in detail and complexity. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to watch the rest of these videos for research purposes... yeah, that's it. Research.

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