I'll admit that I never got into the Nendoroid craze until they started making figures of characters I really liked. I've bought plenty of more traditional figures of characters I was merely ambivalent about, but the investment in Nendoroid figures meant I had to be particular about who made the cut. With this new crop of toys shown at New York Comic Con, I'm afraid I've reached a tipping point, and will have very few Nendoroids I'm capable of turning down when it comes to adding them to my collection. I mean, just look at those faces. How can you say "no" to them?

Seriously, look at that Legend of Korra figure. Even when she's trying to be tough and angry, she's just so cute. The same with that itty-bitty Mega Man. The chibi factor isn't the only draw for these characters and toys though. They're also still incredibly detailed, feature strong articulation (relative to their size anyway), and have great paint apps. Chris Redfield is about as generic an action hero as you can get, but in this form he's got great appeal based on the accessorization and sculpt. Heck, I don't even play Dota 2, but those Nendoroids have such incredible designs, it's hard not to want them.

If Nendoroid still isn't your thing, then the Figma side should give you plenty to be excited about. The production samples of Zelda and Link from the Twilight Princess wave are outstanding. Those are going to be tough to track down because everyone is going to want them based on how amazing they turned out. The new Metroid Prime 3 Samus is definitely more Samus. It's not my favorite design of the character, but considering the older Figmas fetch ridiculous prices, having a new one to get at a reasonable price isn't such a bad thing.

In perfectly timed fashion, Portal 2's favorite robot sons are finally getting Figma toys. They are well-sculpted, but truly a bit behind the times. Not like the Kojima Productions Figma, which is for his new game that barely even exists. Only Hideo Kojima could garner the kind of attention that earns his in-development game a toy before anyone actually knows anything about the game.

Finally, Good Smile is reuniting with James Jean for a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statues, this time based on the villains of the franchise. Again the statues will be based on a singular work of art by Jean --- dubbed  "Technodromedy" --- that shows all four characters as they will eventually be as statues. Even with just Shredder and Rocksteady shown so far, this is going to make a brilliant companion piece to the four Turtles.

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