In its quest to craft the finest Legend of Zelda action figures from across the wide breadth of the franchise, Good Smile's latest Figma collectibles finally arrive at one of the most brilliantly designed Zelda games ever, Twilight Princess. As the last Gamecube Zelda and the very first on the Wii, Twilight Princess may have been caught between generations, but the world and characters were some of the most impressive in the franchise's long history.

There haven't been a lot of Twilight Princess collectibles, with the few released being fairly expensive statues. Following the likes of Skyward Sword and Link Between Worlds, these new Figma will finally give fans affordable collectibles that capture all the wonder of Twilight Princess with loads of accessories.

Now, Link has had his time in the sun. Even only counting Good Smile's other Figmas, Link's been around the block a few times. Zelda however has just not had as much fortune in the figure realm. Good Smile picked a doozy of a Zelda to start with though, and she came out magnificently. There's some unbelievable detail throughout the figure, including the sculpting of all those finer elements in her gloves and skirt. Her pauldrons look fantastic, and so does her portrait.

She doesn't come with many accessories, as she didn't have that many in the game, but the massive bow and her delicate blade are replicated quite well. Unsurprisingly, the articulation looks strong, though I'm curious to see just how much movement she has in her legs due to the skirt. Even if she must remain rather steadfast, she'll look great on display.

Because one Link is never enough, Good Smile is actually releasing two different elfin adventurers from Twilight Princess. There'll be a standard Link, which is fantastic in its own right. There are some strong details in the sculpt, and the weapons and sword all have that same attention to intricacy we've seen from previous Links in the Figma line. There will be a deluxe Link offered, and though he doesn't turn into a wolf, he does come with more weapons and accessories than you'd probably ever need.

The Ordon Sword, the Hero's Bow and Arrow, the Ball and Chain, the Hawkeye and the Clawshot are all included, giving you nearly all the goods from the game itself. Sadly, there's no Midna, and there's no Wolf Link, but perhaps one of those two characters will come down the line. We haven't actually seen very many enemies from Figma in the Legend of Zelda line, but Zant would certainly make for a cool figure. Obviously, Ganondorf would too, but Twilight Princess had Zant as a secondary threat, and he was a cool looking dude.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Figma Zelda and Link figures will be available in June 2017. They'll each run you ~$60-65 as pre-orders right now.


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