Last year, Good Smile released a trio of Avengers figures based on the 2012 film, The Avengers. While Iron Man, Captain America and Thor made some impressive (and expensive) Figmas, it seemed as if the line would end with just those three holding down the fort. Now, more than a year after those figures were announced, Good Smile is back with what could be the largest Figma ever produced to date.

The Avengers Movie Hulk Figma isn't exactly a timely release. The character's look has changed ever so slightly in the years since that film debuted, and there are plenty of Avengers: Age of Ultron versions currently still available. However, this Hulk is part of the Figma brand, which brings its own fanbase along with it. Additionally, even though the other Avenger Figmas also arrived a few years after the film, they were still rather popular. That's what happens when you have a history of strong sculpts, great articulation and a decent amount of accessories (when applicable).

Hulk here might be light on additional accouterments (a second set of fists), but the sculpting is spot on. That's more than we can say for for the SH Figuarts version, which while detailed and stylized, lacks the Mark Ruffalo likeness of the Figma. This Hulk also has a better, darker paint app. The Figma version is a bit more olive than the Figuarts Age of Ultron version, which has a much lighter green hue. Both have a great deal of articulation, though in keeping its sculpt a bit more true-to-life, the Figma version lacks a bit in this department. There's no torso articulation, and the shoulders don't appear to have as much flexibility. Still, the sculpt is much cleaner, and the silhouette is a bit tighter due to fewer visible joints.

The Avengers Movie Hulk Figma will go up for pre-order this week, though no pricing has been teased as of yet. The Iron Man figma pictured with the Hulk was 6.5" tall, and retailed for about $80. The Hulk is a clear 1.5-2" taller, and clearly thicker, so it's likely to hit $100+ stateside.

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