Bandai originally teased the Avengers: Age of Ultron SH Figuarts series with a look at Iron Man MK XLIII, but the rest of the line-up has finally been revealed this week. In addition to the MK XLIII Iron Man, we'll be seeing Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and the all-new Iron Man MK XLV. Oh, and probably an armor you've never heard of called Hankbuster? No, wait. Hulkbuster. Yeah. That's the one.

By now, we've seen the core quartet of Avengers men enough times in their new outfits to have a fairly solid understanding of what to expect from action figure interpretations. Curiously, just like the Hasbro Hulk which is starting to ship to retail now, the SH Figuarts Hulk has pants with the Avengers "A" on the side. That's unlike the Hulk in the film and in other figures we've seen so far. Whether that was an abandoned costume design or will still appear in the film at some point remains to be seen.

Captain America looks good, as does Thor. Both offer some nice range of motion, which is fairly common with the Figuarts line. Fans of the line should be happy to see that you can actually store Cap's shield on his back, which was something you couldn't do with the previous incarnation. I'm not 100% sold on Thor's cape (I'm not a fan of the articulated cape style), but that articulation will give buyers some breathing room for more elaborate posing.

The real surprise of the line is the new Iron Man MK XLV. There have been brief glimpses of the all-new suit in AOU teasers and trailers, but this is the first full reveal of Tony's latest iteration. It's a lot smoother, and looks more like a person than previous armors; it looks much more organic. Many of the recent suits have been so close with minor variations that it's really great to see a true leap forward in the Iron Man armor. While there are a lot of differences in the styling, one of the most noticeable is the lack of a defined "mouth" on the headpiece. It looks fairly modern, like the armor you can currently find Tony donning in the comics.

Obviously, the Hulkbuster is a big change, too. While Bandai hasn't officially announced anything, the homepage for the AOU Figuarts does hint that the big suit is coming. The silhouette can be seen looming behind the Hulk and Iron Man. With Thor, Iron Man, and Cap all set to retail for around $50, and Hulk coming in at ~$80, hoping for a Hulkbuster under $100 seems like a pipe dream. Still, if it has as much articulation as the rest of the Figuarts line, that might be a price worth paying.

Captain America and Hulk are due out in July. Iron Man MK XLV is due out in August. Thor is expected in September. Pre-orders aren't open yet, but we'll update this article with details when available.

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