The thing about a "high concept" book is that once you've read the title, actually describing it is almost completely unnecessary. Such is the case for Time Cheetah: The Secret of Stalin Island, a bold new story from Carlos Guzman, Alejandro Verdugo, Matt Cossin, Mikey Cossin, and Tom B. Long that --- by this point in the sentence --- you can probably already guess is about a time-traveling cheetah-man secret agent who goes on a mission to take down the evil forces hiding on an island shaped like Josef Stalin's head.

On the other hand, there's a good chance that you also know just by reading the title that you want to read this comic and see how weird it gets. The answer: very, but if you're waiting to see for yourself, they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to collect 56 pages of cheetah-themed spy adventure in a single volume.


Time Cheetah: The Secret of Stalin Island


Some readers may recognize Guzman from his role as an editor at IDW, where he's been working on the Transformers and GI Joe comics, but Time Cheetah represents an independent project that he, Verdugo, and Cossin launched six months ago. Since then, they've completed two story arcs, "The Secret of Stalin Island" and "Miami Price," both of which are available to read online for free for readers who want to see what Time Cheetah's all about before they back the campaign.

Guzman sent along a comment about the campaign as well:

"Time Cheetah is a distillation of so many of our different passions: comic books, 80's action movies, absurd comedy like Monty Python, and Spy-Fi fiction. It's action-packed, funny, utterly ridiculous--and the hottest new webcomic on the internet. And, with a little luck and a lot of support, we hope to run an awesome Kickstarter and bring our book to your shelves!"

Sadly, he did not explain why Time Cheetah is only a cheetah from the neck up, and why he only says "rawr." But then, I guess you gotta save something for volume two, and once you show a secret agent running through time, it's pretty difficult to hold something back.

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