If there's one thing comics could genuinely always do more of, it's high-octane comics that are too fun to care about being anything else, and if that doesn't also describe metal/punk legends GWAR, I don't know what would. Following up a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, GWAR: Orgasmageddon has been picked up by Dynamite for a wide release, bringing the mayhem and destruction to an even larger audience.

GWAR: Orgasmageddon will be co-written by the band itself and Matt Miner, with art by Miner's Critical Hit-collaborator Jonathan Brandon Sawyer for a story described as "Bill and Ted on bath salts," as GWAR find themselves stranded in time and in making their way back to the present, they accidentally create the reality we currently accept as true.

In a statement provided by Dynamite, GWAR's Sawborg Destructo spoke about how excited he is for the band to return to the pages of comic books.

"It's awesome to have a comic coming out! We had some in the 90's, but it's about time we got back into the comic book world. When Matt Miner and I first talked, everything clicked and I knew we were going to do a cool project. It was really cool to see all the support from the fans who pledged money to Kickstarter. We knew people wanted to see more GWAR comics, so it was great to reach our goal. We can't wait to show all of the amazing work that is being generated for this comic! With Dynamite in our corner, it's gonna be a big book!"

GWAR: Orgasmageddon will be available in June. Check out the variant covers below:


Scott Wygmans / Dynamite Entertainment
Coloring Book variant / Dynamite Entertainment
Photo variant / Dynamite Entertainment
Scott Wygmans / Dynamite Entertainment
Jonathan Brandon Sawyer / Dynamite Entertainment