Threads: MIghty Fine's got a number of fun new Marvel and Scott Pilgrim shirts available for the holiday shopping season, but the "Three Wolf Moon" Deadpool parody "Tac and Roll Fantasy" tee might be the funniest. [Mighty Fine]

Quotables: Johnny Ryan's interviews with The Walking Dead creators Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore flesh out why the pair split during their time on the title and why they probably won't be teaming up again anytime soon. Robot6]

Movies: What relationship will Krona and Parallax have in the upcoming Green Lantern movie? Possible storyboard sections might give fans a hint. [ComicBookMovie]

Music: Break sees what happens when GWAR goes caroling. It's as wonderful as you'd expect, even if it's a little staged here and there. [ToplessRobot]

Threads: Slave Leias of the world, prepare to meet your conservative match in Chenoa's Star Wars crawler dress. [Great White Snark]

Toys: New Hank & Dr. Girlfriend and Orpheus & Phantom Limb 8" doll sets are coming from Bif Bang Pow! in March. And here we thought the Venture Bros. guys were joking about a Phantom Limb action figure back at NYCC. [Jacksonpublick]

Art: If you liked Fabian Glez's minimalist superheroes and villains, you'll love his new robot arrangement. [The Daily What]

Movies: Eric Tan's vintage-style Tron posters are a thing of beauty. [SlashFilm]

Puppetry: If you picked up Fables 100, you'll definitely want to read up on series artist Mark Buckingham's hints on how to assemble his Paper Puppet Theatre bonus.. [Graphic Content]

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