Next time you care enough to send the very best you can simultaneously make yours Marvel. Hallmark Cards Inc. announced earlier this week that it has acquired the rights to Marvel Entertainment's collection of more than 5,000 comic book heroes and villains in a comprehensive licensing deal that includes pretty much everything Hallmark produces - greeting cards, party hats, Christmas tree ornaments, all of it.

While licensed greeting cards bearing the likenesses of stars like Spider-Man have been commonplace for years, this deal increases the odds of Deadpool wrapping paper and a "Hulk green" Crayola crayon color by consolidating licensing power and putting it into the hands of a major player in the greeting card game.

It's safe to reason that Hallmark will stick to major brands like the upcoming "Iron Man 2," "The Super Hero Squad Show" and other sure things, but it's interesting to consider what kind of licensed goods Hallmark and its associated brands could bring to life. Maybe sympathy cards for temporary deaths?

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