If you can sense that feeling of excitement, panic and salt in the air, you know San Diego Comic-Con is near. There's just something about this annual gathering of fans, creators, actors and cosplayers that makes the summer that much more special. Oh right, it's all the toys.

In addition to being host to all manner of awesome announcements, reveals, teasers and trailers, SDCC is also one of the biggest collectible events of the year. Every company big and small rolls out their best and most limited in the hopes of capturing your attention and those dollar dollar bills, y'all.

Collected here for you is a comprehensive list of not just what will be available, but where it will be available, and how much it will cost you (where prices have been provided). This is every comic book-related toy and collectible exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Of course, knowing what's for sale at San Diego Comic-Con isn't quite the same as being able to actually buy it. As the convention has grown in size, the chances of you being able to secure any one of the exclusives has diminished inversely. Obtaining any of the goods for sale --- particularly those from the biggest licenses --- is an ordeal and you'll have to come prepared. There are tickets, medallions, lines, more lines, waiting in lines... you get the idea. There are also limits on what you can buy, how many of any given thing will be available in a day, and how many there might be throughout all four days of the show.

It's a lot to take in, so do try to go in with a plan. Learn what Hasbro, Funko, Mattel and the like will be doing in advance. Don't try to get everything. Focus on a few key items, and cross your fingers the luck falls your way. We can't do all the strategizing, so you'll have to figure some elements out on your own. At least with this comprehensive guide, you'll know what's at the show, where to find it, and how much to budget for your adventure.

All pricing, booth locations and availability is subject to change.

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