I don't think I'm breaking any new ground here when I say that Neil Cicierega's Potter Puppet Pals videos are awesome, but this week, I've got a reason to love them even more.

Just in time for Christmas, cartoonist Emmy Cicierega -- Neil's sister, who was last seen here on ComicsAlliance in her alternate form as a Pokemon -- has created four Christmas Card designs featuring the characters from the Harry Potter books as awesomely adorable puppets, spreading Christmas cheer and, in Voldemort's case, threats of murder. They are absolutely fantastic, featuring hilarious touches like the conjoined Fred and George puppet above (which sadly does not actually exist), and they're the perfect thing to brighten up your holiday. Check out all four cards, as well as a video in which the characters give you their holiday greetings, after the jump!

Hermione Granger and Her Parents
Harry Potter and the Dursleys

Lord Voldemort and a Bear

For larger versions and more cartoony goodness, check out Cicierega's website!