With San Diego Comic-Con just around the river bend, the uptick in exclusive announcements for this year's show is picking up. Today, Hasbro revealed its Marvel Legends exclusive for the event, and it's a doozy.

Available exclusively at SDCC will be the Doctor Strange Book of Vishanti box set, which features not just Stephen Strange himself, but also Brother Voodoo, Dormammu, Magik, and Hela. As an added bonus, the replica tome will include a role-play Eye of Agamotto, allowing you to live out your dreams as the Sorcerer Supreme of Anywhere, USA, as long as you can get your hands on one.

Announced over on USA Today, the box set will retail for $99.99 at SDCC, with a limited amount going up for sale on Hasbro Toy Shop after the show. The Doctor Strange figure included is a retooling of the same character due to arrive in the upcoming Hulkbuster BAF series, only this time he's in his astral projected form. The Brother Voodoo, Dormammu and Magik figures were all teased at previous SDCC Hasbro events, though to this point, none had been included in a single wave. All three figures are based on their most recent incarnations, including Magik rocking her Uncanny X-Men uniform.

Hela, goddess of the dead in Marvel's Thor mythology, makes her complete debut in this box set. As far as I can recall, the character hadn't been teased or seen anywhere in recent years, but her inclusion here comes as a nice surprise. I know it's easy to pick on Hasbro for its lack of consistently available Black Widow merchandise, but the company has been releasing a steady stream of female characters under the Legends banner for some time now. That the trend continues even in an exclusive box set is welcome.

The Book of Vishanti itself is rather nice, and includes a few pages of art about each of the characters included. Unfortunately, the Eye of Agamotto comes sans any necklace to actually wear it immediately out of the box, but you could likely easily affix it to your lanyard at SDCC if you so dared.

Overall, this is a fairly impressive exclusive, especially given the non-Avenger status of many of the figures included. If you do want to get your hands on one, better try to stake a claim early. I can already see the triple digit resale numbers on eBay as I'm typing.

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