Last evening at its New York City Comic Con Party, Hasbro revealed multiple new upcoming items based on characters from the House of Ideas. Among the new Marvel toys shown were Iron Man 3 items and three new Marvel Legends figures. The IM3 toys on hand included a deluxe electronic Iron Man Mark VIII figure with an internal gyroscope and electronic features designed to respond to various poses, plus a line of 1" Mighty Muggs known as Micro Muggs. The Micro Mugs (probably) didn't reveal any spoilers about the upcoming film and simply included some comic book armors, but only time will tell. On the Marvel Legends side of things, Hasbro had new versions of Black Panther, Hawkeye and a White Phoenix (repaint) on hand. You can take a look at a mix of official press images and our own shots of the upcoming Marvel toys from the event after the jump.

Iron Man 3

Hasbro's Iron Man 3 Official Press Images

Marvel Legends