Hasbro's showed off plenty of toys from its second 2011 Marvel Universe line and the comic book side (alas, not movie continuity characters) of its Captain America: The First Avenger series over course of the past few months, but it turns out there's still plenty of toy surprises in store this summer. K-Mart shoppers will have the chance to pick up a special Captain America 3-pack which includes a new version of England's Captain Britain and Russia's Red Guardian, while the Marvel U line will line be rounded out with a clear seemingly astral form of Doctor Strange.While the translucent Doctor Strange is a pretty straightforward variant, it's worth noting that the new Red Guardian and Captain Britain toys seem to sport all new head sculpts and accessories. Not bad for a K-Mart exclusive. At this rate, every hero with a shield is going to have a 3.75" action figure before long.

See Hasbro's new action figure images below:

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