Guillermo Del Toro’s only human (we think). The man’s capable of doing a finite amount of things in a given timeframe, and between his adaptation of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a vague involvement with Pacific Rim 2 that seems to shift between happening and not-happening week by week, a project by the name of Trollhunters for exclusive release on Netflix, and ostensibly bathing, eating, and sleeping, he can only do so much. As much as we might wish Guillermo Del Toro could clone himself like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity and send his clones to direct all of the movies all of the time, we sadly have not yet developed this technology. Though when we do, that’s the first thing humankind will do with it.

So it was with a heavy heart that Ron Perlman, frequent collaborator of Del Toro and star of the Hellboy franchise, clarified that a third Hellboy film ‘probably will never happen.’ Variety relays a soundbite from the actor confirming that a third go-round with the supernatural crimefighter was decidedly unlikely while speaking in Guadalajara this weekend. It’s simply not in the cards right now; the notorious G.D.T. is all tied up with the project enumerated above, Perlman currently stars in the Amazon Prime series Hand of God and his production company of Wing and a Prayer Pictures has just taken on their first fully-financed project. Simple matters of scheduling can kill a picture before it even gets started, and unfortunately, the possibility of a Hellboy 3 seems increasingly remote.

But wait! Perlman’s full quote indicates that the film “probably will never happen, though you never say never-never.” Unless Perlman’s badly bungling a line from Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson,” he’s trying to leave the option on the table. So, then, Hellboy 3 definitely will never happen unless it happens? Well, that settles that!


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