The same mind that decided to push the boundaries of automotive design and turn your favorite Marvel and DC heroes into Volkswagen vans has gone one step further and not only removed your beloved characters' mouths; he's also fitted them with the body of Sanrio's world famous cat, and Hello Kitty has never looked deadlier.

Andrew Mark Hunter's alternative takes on the little feline as Judge Dredd, a Cenobite, Hellboy and many other things appear in a new print he's selling at They are simultaneously cute and terrifying, though that's nothing new for a cat who was born with no visible means of talking or eating.

The Davros and Cybermen Kitties are particularly inspired, as is what seems to be Dog the Bounty Hunter. There are 30 varieties of cat on the print, however, and each one would be ripe for its own animated series if Sanrio picked up the rights. Don't hold your breath over HK kicking down doors in search of bail-skippers, but you can share in the Dog Kitty dream via a Giclée print now, which is more than you could say one month ago.

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