Don't let Hello Kitty's quiet demeanor fool you. Her march toward possessing every face from pop culture that you've ever held dear continues, and Kick-Ass, Daft Punk and Batman are among her latest victims - at least in the artwork of designer Joseph Senior, whose body of work has been on our radar since last June and continues to swell. He envisions the world as a place where plastic HK kits can be turned into anyone - Munny-style - and he's planned ahead digitally for the day that dream becomes a possibility.

The Dalek race would undoubtedly be embarrassed if they were ever able to see themselves on Senior's Flickr account, where he goes by the screen name "yodaflicker." The Punisher would likely find these mock-ups to be in poor taste as well, but they sure do look real enough to show up at Kid Robot one day.

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