If our weekly Ask Chris column isn't enough of definitive comic book (and pro wrestling) opinions for you, good news: ComicsAlliance is proud to present Here's The Thing, a series of videos where you can join our own extremely opinionated senior writer, Chris Sims, as he dives into comics history to explain why you're wrong and he's right.

This week, a viewer writes in with a question about where to start with the King of Comics, Jack Kirby. With a career that spanned six decades and a masterpiece (or three) in every era, the sheer amount of work that Kirby produced can be daunting for a new reader. Fortunately, we've got some suggestions.

Show Notes:

  • If you're new to Kirby, you may want to give the short, 8-issue original run of OMAC a try.
  • Maybe the post-apocalyptic adventures of Kamandi, the Last Boy On Earth are more your speed -- especially if you want to see what would've happened if Kirby wrote and drew Adventure Time. Amazon | Comixology
  • The essential Kirby masterpiece is, of course, the Fourth World Saga. Jump on!

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