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What a combination – Paul Jenkins and a pool table! Join The Hero Initiative as we kick off Wizard World Chicago with what is sure to be The con's most talked-about event!

Come to booth #140 to challenge Paul Jenkins at pool for $30 (100% of Which will go to support the men and women Hero serves)! If you beat Paul, you can win fabulous prizes! In addition, once a day, we'll also Have:

THE BIG DIRTY! Instead of $30, a fan can challenge Paul to a single Game for $500, and possibly with a $1000+ prize package!

THUNDERDOME (Two men enter, Paul Jenkins leaves!) Other pros will Challenge Jenkins for some crazy stakes! Joe Quesada, Michael Turner And Mark Millar are all in, and Jenkins will even shoot BEHIND HIS BACK against Quesada to even things up!

In addition, Hero's booth #140 will have talent including Arthur Suydam, Phil Hester, Tim Seeley and Gordon Purcell! You can also win An opportunity via an Ebay auction to have a grading/restoration Detection lunch with Steve Borock from CGC. PLUS the premiere of the Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project softcover and hardcover books happens Here WITH a special 8-man signing featuring some of the amazing Artists who did the Ultimate 100 covers!

Last but definitely not least, in honor of Mark Millar's first U.S. Convention appearance in 3 years, Hero is proud to raffle off some of The HOTTEST and hardest to find Mark Millar books around for the Wizard World Chicago convention.

The raffle takes place at booth #140 so be sure to stop by to win These great signed books:

FRIDAY: Ultimates volume 2 #13 white incentive cover
SATURDAY: Civil War #1 Turner sketch incentive cover
SUNDAY: Civil War #2 Turner sketch incentive cover

Thursday Preview Night 4:00-7:00
Paul Jenkins (shooting pool): 5:00-7:00
Tim Seeley: 4:30-6:30

Friday 8/10/07 (con hours 9-6)
Paul Jenkins (shooting pool): 10:00-12:00
Paul Jenkins (shooting pool): 2:00-4:00
Paul Jenkins (shooting pool): 5:00-6:00
Jenkins THUNDERDOME vs. Quesada: 5:30-5:45

Saturday 8/11/07 (con hours 9-7)
Gordon Purcell: 10:30-11:30
Brian Pulido and David Michael Beck: 11:00-12:00
Paul Jenkins (shooting pool): 1:00-3:00
Paul Jenkins (shooting pool): 4:30-7:00
Jenkins THUNDERDOME vs. Millar: 2:20-3:00

Sunday 8/12/07 (con hours 10-5)
Phil Hester: 10:00-11:00
Paul Jenkins (shooting pool): 10:30-12:30
Paul Jenkins (shooting pool): 2:30-4:30
Jenkins THUNDERDOME vs. Turner: 2:30-3:30
Arthur Suydam: 4:00-5:00

Back by popular demand, Steve Borock from CGC is reprising his San Diego Convention behind-the-scenes experience for you to learn Everything there is to know from the grading and restoration experts At CGC, our hobby's only independent third party certification Company. Only two lucky winners will learn how top-flight grading is Done and how restoration is detected so bid now at

On Sunday, August 12 from 1-2 PM, don't miss the massive 8-man signing Of the Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project softcover and hardcover books! Buy your books at The Hero Initiative booth, #140, or buy right at the Rosemount fountain to create your own special edition. In attendance Will be Joe Benitez, J. Scott Campbell, Michael Golden, Francis Manapul, Alex Saviuk, Jim Starlin, Jim Valentino and Matt Wagner. NOTE: Due to the large amount of creators in this signing, these Artists will be signing copies of Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project only.

Pulido will be bringing a selection of Lady Death prints with artwork By painter David Michael Beck, who will also be signing with Pulido, For sale ONLY at the Hero booth for one hour on Saturday from 11-12. The prints will be $20.00 or two for $35.00 or three for $50.00. Beck Has also done a penciled Lady Death drawing for the signing which will Be auctioned off for Hero.

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