Rapper Froggy Fresh (formerly known as Krispy Kreme until a certain vendor of fried pastries told him he couldn't do that anymore) has released a music video that should certainly appeal to fans of Power Rangers, Predators getting kicked in the chest, and hip-hop. (In other words, probably the exact sort of person that reads ComicsAlliance.)

In "Street Rangers," Froggy Fresh and his best friend Mike discover a pair of Morphin' Watches and find themselves blessed with the ability to become super sentai sorts. Soon after, they come across a Predator bullying a kid at a playground, as Predators are apt to do when they're not destroying large sections of South American jungle or wreaking havoc in Los Angeles.

After the rallying cry, "Dawg, it's morphin' time," the battle begins and it's just as amazing as you hope. In under three minutes, there's the requisite struggle, a shocking third-act twist, and finally, tater tots. In an era where Trans4mers is going to be over two and a half hours long, packing this much action into a free video that runs two minutes and fifty-five seconds ought to be rewarded, especially when the cost of acquiring such noted media franchises is factored in.

(It should be noted that the Predator bears a marked resemblance in height and build to one James, known in the Froggy Fresh universe as the man behind the town's largest stolen bikes ring, and a renowned candyhead.)

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