In the overwhelmingly male comic book industry, it has been a challenge for some editors and readers to see the ever growing number of talented women currently trying to make a name for themselves. With that in mind, ComicsAlliance offers Hire This Woman, a recurring feature designed for comics readers as well as editors and other professionals, where we shine the spotlight on a female comics pro on the ascendance. Some of these women will be at the very beginning of their careers, while others will be more experienced but not yet “household names.”

Today we're talking to Spanish artist Enkaru. She's published comics in her native country, and this week marks the debut of her work on an English-language comic as the new artist on the webcomic Sparkshooter.



ComicsAlliance: What is your preferred form of creative output?

Enkaru: Drawing is my passion, so what I like most is pencilling and inking. I also like writing my own stories, but it's a challenge to draw someone else's script because I have to know what the writer wants to express.

CA: Do you work on paper or digitally?

E: I work with both. I prefer pencilling and inking in the traditional way because I'd much rather feel the touch of the paper and the drawing materials. And I also like finishing the day work with ink-stained hands. I think I display more feeling when I draw on paper, but for certain backgrounds with many straight lines and technical drawing, I like working in the digital way because it's faster and cleaner.




CA: What’s your background/training?

E: I studied graphic design because of the job opportunities, but my passion was always to make comics and illustrations, and I have been drawing ever since I was a child. So I'm self-taught, but I have also learned a lot working professionally as an illustrator and comic creator. And I like sharing techniques with other artists.

CA: How would you describe your creative style?

E: At this point in my life I have so many influences, so I think my art is a mix of different creative styles. Anyway, my comics are mainly manga looking, although I'm lately reading a lot of American comics and my style is influenced by them too.




CA: What projects have you worked on in the past? What are you currently working on?

E: Although what I like most is drawing comics, I've worked more as an illustrator for different clients. I have published a comic book series titled Trisquel, which I mentioned above, and I'm still working on it. I'm also doing Chapter 3 of Sparkshooter, a webcomic writen by Troy Brownfield. I'm very excited with this project and I really have fun working on it. And I'm doing commissioned illustrations as well.

CA: Approximately how long does it take you to create a 20-page issue?

E: A 20-page book may take about a month more or less. I usually make a page in a day or two at most, it depends on the difficulty and if I'm taking all my time working on them.




CA: What is your dream project?

E: Projects that really excite me are the fantasy ones ... magic, swords, monsters and that stuff. So It's perfect for me, any project related to that. I also would like to work doing  comics or illustrations about World of Warcraft, because I love its aesthetic and its background, and I was playing it for a while, so I know it well.

CA: Who are some comic creators that inspire you?

E: Some of my favorite artists are Joe Madureira , Ludo Lullabi , Mike Bowden, Humberto Ramos, Alexandro Barbucci, Aoi Ohmori, Rumiko Takahashi, Masato Natusmoto, Sei Itoh... and many great others.

CA: What are some comics that have inspired you either growing up or as an adult?

E: When I was a child, I liked all kind of comics. Then I watched the anime Ranma 1/2 and
Dragon Ball and I started reading a lot of Japanese comics. I am now more selective when reading, but mostly, I usually read European and American comics.




CA: What’s your ideal professional environment?

E: I like pretty much the environment where I'm working now. I have a rather large studio and I try to keep it neat and clean. I like listening to music while I'm working and sometimes my sister works with me, so there are days that I'm in good company.

CA: What do you most want our readers and industry professionals to know about your work?

E: This is a job that I really love and I try to improve every day. Sometimes it's hard, but I work with optimism and I take on new challenges to offer my best.

CA: How can editors and readers keep up with your work and find your contact information?

E: You can find me on I can also be contacted through my blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks that are linked on my website.
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