The Supervillain Handbook

Available From: Amazon / Seedier, Less Reputable Bookstores

Price: $10.36

I think it's safe to say that all of you have thought "Hey, being able to read articles by these brilliant and physically attractive ComicsAlliance contributors several times a day for free is great, but it's just not enough! How can I read more, even in the event that a strange apocalypse occurs not unlike NBC's Revolution and all electricity stops working?" Fortunately, we have the solution: An entire book of comic-inspired comedy by our own Arrow recapper and War Rocket Ajax co-host, Matt Wilson.Co-written with notorious super-villain King Oblivion, PhD -- the mastermind behind fooling the world into thinking a man walked on the moon when, in fact, he walked on a full-size replica of the moon which sits just in front of the real moon -- with illustrations by Adam Wallenta, The Supervillain Handbook is a step-by-step guide to thematic crime, from initial rage to your inevitable death and subsequent resurrection/redesign.

Sure, it's written by a ComicsAlliance contributor, but it's funny enough that I'd be recommending it even if it wasn't, and blurbs from the likes of Stan Lee, Matt Fraction and Mark Waid are a pretty solid recommendation too. Plus, it's small enough to stuff a stocking of moderate size! Everyone wins!

Except the forces of good, I mean.

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