Regular Show Wrestling Buddies

Available From: Toys R Us

Price: $27.99 each

If you need to buy a gift for someone who is very difficult to buy presents for, but also happens to be a 30 year-old small child who is super into Regular Show and pro wrestling, there is an elegant solution to your problem: an awesome set of oversized plush wrestling buddies.I'm pretty sure that there was no actual episode of Regular Show about Mordecai and Rigby becoming pro wrestlers -- that seems like the sort of thing I would definitely remember -- but big plush dolls modeled after those classic WWF toys from the '80s would seem to fit right into the show's aesthetic -- Mordecai's crazy half-shirt is just a bonus.

Hailing from The Park, each doll stands at 20", and in addition to Macho Man inspired tights, they have sound chips featuring quotes from the show that are presumably activated when you drop the elbow on them, which is something I will definitely be doing when I buy them.

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