Batman Apron, Ice Cube Tray and Pint Glass

Found At: ThinkGeek

Price: $9.99 - $24.99

We've all been there: You're hosting a charity casino night in your stately manor, and everything's going wrong! The ginger ale you're drinking (pretending it's champagne and fooling everyone... almost) is too warm, you've got a stain on your shirt from where you spilled it while checking the time, and worst of all your glass doesn't tell anyone who your favorite super-hero is!

There's got to be a better way! And fortunately, there is.With the exception of Alfred's cookbook, they've got everything you need to deck out your Batman themed kitchen.

Batman Logo Ice Cube Trays to chill your drinks:

Super-hero pint glasses -- these are from Toon Tumblers, and I've got a ton of these. They're the only glasses I drink from, and the designs hold up really well without chipping or fading:

If you prefer your drinks off the rocks, you can go with Batman shot glasses. They might be defective, though -- each package of six only comes with one Batman and then five characters nobody cares about:

And finally, keep your Kevlar/Nomex body armor spotless with the Batman Apron. Keep in mind that it also works as a lighter, more summery version of the Batman snuggie:

Now the only thing you need is a butler with training in combat medicine.