Which of the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe are you? Are you a delicate, meticulous Pearl? Or perhaps you're more of a Garnet: strong, proud, perfectly balanced. Or could you be more of a hedonistic, impulsive Amethyst? Or maybe you're Steven?

Whichever Gem you identify with most, Hot Topic is ready to help you express that side of yourself with some fantastic clothes that just debuted in their Cartoon Network Lookbook. And if you're less of a Gem and more of a Powerpuff Girl, a Marceline or Finn, or even a Courage the Cowardly Dog, Hot Topic can help you out there too.

While Pearl and Garnet are both represented by cute dresses that resemble their costumes, Amethyst instead gets a flyaway cardigan, which is far more appropriate to her character. It's a little jarring to see the same thin white model in place of all three Gems, but that's just what you get with Hot Topic I suppose. There's also a lovely Rose Quartz dress. On the Adventure Time side of things, Marceline gets both a dress (decorated with her trademark axe) and a sweater (which looks exactly like what she wears on the show).

There's stuff aimed at guys as well, including a cute Adventure Time hooded flannel with Finn's wolf ears and Jake in the pocket. There are also print shirts featuring Finn and Jake, Steven Universe, and Dexter's Lab. And of course there's a Courage the Cowardly Dog cardigan for the truly old-school.

We've included some highlights from the collection below, but there's a whole lot more to see in the Hot Topic Cartoon Network Lookbook.