Hey it's another comic book movie and that means it's time for even more Artist Mix figures from Hot Toys. The offshoot line kicked off last year with Avengers: Age of Ultron, and has since covered Batman V Superman and Ant-Man, but now it's come full circle back to Marvel again with Captain America: Civil War. Of course, that means it's time for another Iron Man and Captain America figure because those are the two guys who do the thing in the movie. Fortunately, there's also going to be a Falcon and a War Machine to balance the scales juuuuuuust a bit. Not too much though. Don't want to take too much of the spotlight away from Iron Man and Cap.

Though initially the plan for the Artist Mix series appeared to be for different creatives to team-up with Hot Toys for specialized figures, all of the figures to this point have been designed by Touma. His style is definitely different from most other vinyl figures with which Artist Mix is trying to compete, but the figures feel so sterile and lifeless. I wish the Artist Mix figures had some defining feature that made them worth $40 other than Hot Toys branding.

I will give them some credit. The Captain America is a whole new sculpt, and like most other toy companies, Hot Toys could easily just have repainted the Age of Ultron version and called it new. The other three are definitely new as the Iron Man armor is quite different from Age of Ultron, and Falcon and War Machine are new to the line entirely. Falcon and Cap still work out the best in this form though since you can see their faces. Being in armor makes it difficult for the Iron Man and War Machine to look much different than the sixty bajillion other Iron Man figures out there already.

Perhaps we can see Artist Mix go to some new places for Civil War other than the same few characters that have had chance after chance, but given the line's previous lack of female figures, I wouldn't hold my breath for any Black Widows.

No word on a release date or pricing yet, but the last set of Avengers was ~$40 each. We'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has more details.


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