The portly Earth-29 Batman looks like he may have started a YouTube series, judging from Shark Baby Film's "How To, Batman!" series. Much like Kanye West on Twitter, the Caped Crusader (as portrayed by actor Gabe Evans) wants to impart knowledge about how to improve your life and become more successful. His episode subjects include "How to Review the New Cantina Tacos from Taco Bell," as well as "How to Convert a Doc to a PDF" and "How to be Healthy," which rings with a certain special something that's difficult to pin down as highly effective motivation or bitter, soul-crushing irony.

What's not difficult to discern, however, is how hilarious the standouts archived on the "How To, Batman!" channel are. Some, like "How to Take a Nap" and "How to Order From a Drive Thru" may not double your annual income, but "Cómo hablar en Español" and "How to Effectively Build Your Resume And Cover Letter" could make you a better candidate walking into that next job interview. Check out our favorites after the jump!To top things off, the phenomenal content comes delivered with the gravelly snarl you'd expect from a post-Christian Bale Batman performance. So sail on through a few of our favorites below, and make sure to let us know if your learn anything.