So X-Men Origins: Wolverine star Hugh Jackman jumped into the middle of a fake WWE fight earlier this week by fake punching a wrestler called Dolph Ziggler, an act of sudden violence that prompted the announcer to shouted "X-Men-esque!" I don't claim to understand kayfabe the way Chris Sims does (or really at all), but it seems that Ziggler has decided to make a Big Deal out of this, claiming in a series of tweets that it cost him the match with his opponent, that it actually broke his jaw, and that Jackman is Batman or something? Watch Ziggler cry like a baby about it here, and see the in no way totally fake throwdown in the video below.(Oh, and Ziggler has some fighting words for Jackman/superhero fans: "I don't read comic books. I don't need to fantasize about being a superhero. I'm a larger-than-life WWE Superstar. Now, if I ever see Jackman again, he'll need super healing powers because I'm going to punch him right in the face. I'm not going to cheap shot him like he cheap shotted me.")

(Via The Mary Sue)