The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a long and very strange history as action figures. During the initial rush of popularity, the toy line saw the heroes in a half shell recast as astronauts, clowns, horror movie monsters, and even --- in one rare case --- a pro wrestler.

Now, though, it seems like Shell-Slammin Michelangelo --- who came complete with a title belt and a singlet that identified him as the star of the Mutant Wrestling Federation --- is no longer the only grappler to enter the sewers.

Today at New York Comic-Con, Playmates revealed an upcoming line of Ninja Superstars action figures, a collaboration with WWE that combines Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael with John Cena, "The Macho Man" Randy Savage, the Undertaker, and Sting. And just for the record, you are awake. This is real, and this is happening.



The choices of which superstars to combine with the Turtles are pretty interesting. Cena, a 15-time World Champion well into his tenure as the biggest star of the company, actually does feel like a pretty good match for Leonardo, even if he lacks the interesting layer of Leo's heel turn. Perhaps one day, Cena will also embrace the dark side and serve as the chunin of the Foot Clan.

Along the same lines, Randy Savage's over-the-top theatricality makes for a good match for Michelangelo, although Mikey is certainly more fun-loving and far less intense than the Macho Man got during his darker periods.



The most appropriate, perhaps, is Raphael as Sting, who went off on his own after being betrayed by the nWo. As for Donatello as the Undertaker...



... that one doesn't line up quite as well, since the sorcerous powers that drive the Deadman are pretty far from the machines of super-science that Donnie brings to the team. But then again, I suppose they both like purple a lot.

Per IGN, the figures are Walmart exclusives and will be available starting in early November.