As much as I've been loving Yoshihiro Togashi's long-running Hunter X Hunter, I'm a relatively recent fan of the book. I only got into it over the past year or so, and while I'm completely into its ridiculously shonen setup that seems to revolve entirely around children competing in fighting tournaments that also occasionally involve deathtraps, I've still got 25 more volumes of the manga to go through before I'm all caught up. For readers who have been keeping up with it all this time, though, the past few months have been pretty bittersweet.

After returning in April from a hiatus that lasted two years, Hunter X Hunter is going on what Weekly Shonen Jump describes as an "indefinite hiatus."


Hunter X Hunter, Yoshihiro Tagashi



If you're not familiar with it, Hunter X Hunter tells the story of a young boy's journey to become a Hunter, a member of an organization that deals with hunting down monsters, recovering lost treasure, participating in fighting tournaments that fill skyscrapers, and pretty much everything else that a kid would think is the best possible job to have. Its blend of fantasy and sci-fi concepts with weird chunks of a modern setting make it a pretty fun read, full of relentless action and trials that can only be overcome by Believing In Friendship.

Since debuting in 1998, Hunter X Hunter has frequently gone on hiatus over the past decade, often due to recurring health problems for Togashi. The latest gap, which was initially only supposed to last a few weeks, was attributed to severe lower back pain, but there have also been hiatuses for happier reasons, like the birth of his children with his wife, Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi.

The reasons behind this hiatus, however, have yet to be announced, although Weekly Shonen Jump has assured readers that they will announce a return date when it becomes available.

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