Created by former Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica writer Jane Espenson and actor Brad Bell, Husbands is a live-action internet sitcom that stars Bell and Sean Hemeon as gay celebrity couple Cheeks and Brady, a scandal-prone actor and a recently self-outed athlete who were married under particularly drunken circumstances, but who are determined to make it work or else risk hurting America's broadening support of same-sex marriage equality. Now in its second season, the web TV series often features notably nerd-friendly actors like Nathan Fillion, Amber Benson, Joss Whedon, Tricia Helfer, and John Hodgman. But for fans of Espenson and those individuals, Husbands may feature fewer superheroes, aliens and time travel than they're used to seeing. As such, Bell and Espenson have teamed up with Dark Horse to produce a digital comics series that sends the titular husbands on a wry, reality-hopping journey through time and space.

Drawn by Ron Chan, issue #1 of Husbands finds the newlyweds inspecting a number of wedding gifts when they discover a superhero comic book that pulls them and their friend Haley into a world where they're costumed heroes and villains. From there, the trio jumps to medieval times, a Victorian murder mystery, a science fiction adventure, an espionage thriller and what Dark Horse has described as a "high school romp." In each new world, the cast has no memory of where they really came from, and are presented as being in their natural habitats. Of course the stories are played anything but straight (no pun intended), and fans of Espenson and her colleagues' work on Buffy and beyond will enjoy the clever dialogue and camp approach to each setting and its collection of genre tropes.

On sale tomorrow, Husbands #3 finds Cheeks, Brady and Haley in a kind of Agatha Christie-style murder-at-a-great-house mystery. Here's a look at some of MS Corley's production artwork for the issue, which you'll be able to buy at Dark Horse Digital, along with the others you may have missed.

Also drawn by Natalie Nourigat, Benjamin Dewey, M.S. Corley, and Tania del Rio, Husbands will be made available in a hardcover collection in 2013.

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