When you get right down to it, this was the sort of thing that pretty much had to happen. I mean, if you're going to take advantage of having a premise like a Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover --- and I think the past few months have shown us that James Tynion IV and Freddie E. Williams II are definitely up for the challenge --- then eventually, you're going to want to make some new mutants and have them fight Batman. It's the most logical, toyetic, ridiculous and amazing thing you possibly could do, and as the series hit its final issue this week, that's exactly what they did.

So in case you missed it, well, Mr. Freeze is a polar bear now, and it's kind of my favorite thing.



Okay so maybe saying "now" is a bit misleading. As you might expect, a big plot point in the story is about how the two universes are out of alignment, meaning that the mutagen is only a temporary effect in Batman's world. There's even a statement at the end about how the villains will be back to "normal" after another day or so. If just one of those changes could be permanent, however, I think turning Mr. Freeze into grumpy, suspiciously pun-filled bear would be the one that I'd want.

And yes: Just one of those changes. As revealed at the end of the last issue, there's a whole roster of mutated Arkham villains that throw down with Batman in this comic:



And honestly, recasting the Ventriloquist as a parrot, the Mad Hatter as the March Hare, and Scarecrow as Actualcrow are pretty fantastic. Still, my heart belongs to Mr. Bear.



Just imagine the tortured pathos that will come out of that guy if he stays like that. It'll be so emotional.