Ever since it launched, Grayson has been defined by blending the bizarre extremes of espionage action with the even more bizarre extremes of a superhero universe full of villains with guns for eyes and mind-altering hypno-contacts, and as you might expect, it's the latter that gets most of the attention. This is, after all, a spy story set in a world of masks and capes, and there are certain expectations that the genre brings with it.

This week, though, Tom King, Tim Seeley, Mikel Janin and Jeromy Cox have taken things in a decidedly more spy-inspired --- or inspyred --- direction. Not only do we get a cover that evokes the beautiful opening of A View To A Kill, and a five-page sequence of Dick Grayson singing a song that sounds an awful lot like the theme from Goldfinger, but, in case you missed it, Dick Grayson just kicked a very familiar face.



Okay, so it's not actually the face that's familiar --- it's more the setup that makes it work, as an unnamed spy enters a building full of ladies with.... well, let's just call them somewhat provocative names. And really, while "Miss Peterbreaker" seems a bit extreme, let's not forget that the actual Bond movies include the names "Pussy Galore" and "Holly Goodhead."

Seriously though, I would give almost anything to have been in the room when Seeley and King were batting around names for this sequence.

What really sells it, though, is after the fight, when we find out just who this Spyral agent was. Dick Grayson is, of course, Agent 37, and his partner is the top-ranked Agent 1, but this guy? The one with the fancy car who knows people named "Miss Honoroff" and "Miss Humpter?"



Of course he is.


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