Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi's Spider-Gwen has been one of Marvel Comics' most ceaselessly inventive and exciting properties since the character first debuted in what was meant to be a one-off starring role. Since then, we've been followed Gwen Stacy's ongoing adventures as Spider-Woman, and encountered her world's versions of Captain America, Daredevil and The Punisher --- but there's still a hankering to learn more about this universe.

This week's Spider-Gwen Annual #1 scratches that itch as Latour explores the larger world of Earth-65 with stories featuring Koala Kommander, She-Hulk as a pro wrestler, and a terrifying alternate version of Donald Trump who is even more dangerous and has even tinier hands.

The standout tale from an all-around fantastic issue is Jason Latour, Chris Visions and Jim Campbell's story featuring Captain America, AKA Samantha Wilson. It's a touching tale of what Captain America means throughout the decades, regardless of race, gender or alternate universe, but it also features some great touches including Captain America swinging a baseball bat marked "Hot Sauce," and a showdown with Baron Blood, who in the universe rather strongly resembles Prince.




The most striking sequence, however, is when Captain America clashes with MODAAK (Mental Organism Designed As America's King), an orange faced monstrosity with tiny hands and a plan to rule America with hate and fear.




It's fairly obvious what Latour, Visions and Campbell are going for with MODAAK's resemblance to a certain orange-faced monstrosity with tiny hands from our own universe, but its also a nice reminder that such monsters can be fought with the ideals that made America truly great in the first place.


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