Justice League United may not be long for this world, but Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier are definitely making the most of the time they have. This month, in Justice League United #14, the characters in Alanna Strange and Stargirl's hand-picked team of superhuman operatives have jumped headfirst into a time-tossed battlefield where wars from across the century are collapsing into a single endless conflict.

So just in case you missed it, I thought you should all know that there's a comic out there this week with Batgirl, Steel, Robotman, Vandal Savage, Sgt. Rock and Easy Company, the Creature Commandos, GI Zombie, GI Robot, Enemy Ace and.... well, there's one more that might be a spoiler, but I can tell you I'm pretty excited about it. So, spoilers follow!



If you're not familiar with the premise of the book, it involves a team recruited from all the heroes (and some of the villains) of the DC Universe, sent to deal with cracks in time left over in the wake of ConvergenceThis time, it's a battlefield in France where the battles are repeating themselves over and over, to the point where Hans von Hammer, World War I's dreaded Enemy Ace, believes that he is in a Hell of endless war.

The thing is, Parker and Pelletier have set it up the adventure by pulling in the weirdness of DC's war comics, and they've done it with so much bravado that you start to forget that time travel stories work in both directions. It's not just the past that you have to worry about... it's the World That's Coming!!



That's right: It's the return of OMAC, and throwing all of those characters into a big, bold adventure story is quite possibly my ideal representation of the DC Universe as a whole. Give it a read!